Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Review

Revitol are better known for their award-winning stretch marks cream. Their concentrated formulation targets and corrects stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight loss, muscle growth and more. It works to reduce the outward appearance red, white and silver marks.

The formula may be applied to anywhere on the body where the stretch marks occur. Full results can only come if you are committed to applying the product 2 times daily for noticeable results within 3 weeks. The cream is designed for people of all ages, races and genders.

Quick Facts

The All Natural Ingredients found in Revitol’s Award Winning Stretch Mark Cream, penetrates deep into the layers of your skin to Increase Elasticity and Firmness – whilst Reducing the Outward Appearance of Stretch Marks.


  • Decreases stretch marks
  • Prevents stretch marks
  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Keeps skin firm
  • Increases the elasticity
  • Increases skin strength
  • Deep-penetrating formula
  • Designed for optimal results
  • Inexpensive
  • Sealed Tube
  • Fast delivery

The Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Few women are spared the agony of having to live with those unsightly streaks of weird-looking lines across their thighs, hips, breasts, bums, tummies, and sometimes in the upper arms. While not life-threatening, several studies have revealed that stretch marks rank among the top five causes of insecurity in women. Many are so self-conscious about their stretch marks that they do not like wearing revealing clothes such as bikinis, or visiting public places such as beaches. Some even do not feel comfortable taking off their clothes when they are with their partners. Stretch marks are so prevalent that it’s estimated that about 80% of Australians have them.

Stretch marks, also called striae, appear when the underlying body tissues grow faster than the skin on top, resulting in small tears that appear as stretch marks. The human skin consists of three layers: the outer layer, which is also known as the epidermis; the middle layer, which is also known as the dermis, and the inner layer which is also known as the subcutis. Stretch marks affect the middle layer when the skin gets stretched too much over a short period of time.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

If stretch marks are getting under your skin and interfering with your body image and self-confidence, it’s time to do something about it. Even though the skin heals after some time and the stretch marks assume a colour that is close to that of the surrounding skin, stretch marks do not go away on their own most of the time and have to be removed. Removing stretch marks is usually not a walk in the park and getting the right products to accomplish this can prove to be an onerous task.

There are several methods that can be used to get rid of stretch marks:

Creams and Lotions

There is a cornucopia of stretch marks removal creams and lotions in the market today. The beauty of using creams and lotions to remove stretch marks is that they do not disrupt your normal schedule in any way, not to mention that they are far cheaper than other methods that often cost a prince’s ransom. Top quality creams do not react with normal skin lotions and you can continue using them with no harmful effects.

The biggest challenge today is finding a stretch mark removal cream that really works. The sad truth is that the vast majority of creams promise the Heavens but do not deliver what they promise. Some are not
approved by the FDA, which means they pose a health risk to the user. But, the FDA stamp of approval is not a guarantee of efficacy, but rather for safety. This means that even for FDA-approved creams, many do not work well.

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is an exclusive online only scar cream that is made from a special blend of 100% natural and non-allergenic ingredients that are FDA-approved. Revitol contains a special formula that rejuvenates the skin and fortifies it with vitamins and proteins that help to repair damaged tissue. When used regularly, Revitol is effective in improving the appearance of a wide variety of scars including stretch marks and scars left behind by acne.

Recommended Application for Effective Results

Revitol should be applied twice a day for the best results. The scar cream is effective and safe for use on the arms, face, legs, stomach and just about anywhere else where you may have scar. Revitol is effective for removing stretch marks, scars from burns, acne scars, knife cuts or scars caused by skin disorders. Revitol contains 100% natural ingredients and has virtually no known side effects.

Does Revitol Really Work?

This is, of course, the million dollar question. A quick check at the many Revitol testimonials reveals that an overwhelming majority of users regard it as one of the best stretch mark cream. Many are thrilled with the results, and say that the cream was effective at reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars after just a few weeks of use. For the cream to achieve full results, however, most users have to use Revitol for a few months. 3 months is required to make scars unnoticeable and up to 5-6 months to make them disappear completely.

It’s important to ensure that you buy the right product if you want to get good results. Revitol does not have any authorized resellers, and you can only get the product from the manufacturer’s website. This means that you should avoid buying it from places like Amazon or eBay since there is chance you might end up with a fake version of then product that might not work or one that might even turn out to be harmful.

Laser Removal

When stretch marks get older, they often turn white in people with paler skin tones. To remove these types of stretch marks, Fractional Laser Therapy is sometimes used. This stretch mark treatment is also known as dermabrasion, and uses lasers to stimulate new collagen growth at a deep level. The laser cause minor trauma in the skin tissues which stimulates the growth of new collagen as a healing response. Collagen Induction Therapy, or microneedling, is sometimes used in conjunction with laser treatment.

The big downside of laser stretch mark treatment is that it often results in blistering of the skin and can take several weeks to heal. Some patients requires as many as 10 therapies before the procedure is effective, not to mention the considerable cost that goes with it. This makes the method less ideal for women with busy schedules.

Men and Stretch Marks

Whereas we tend to associate stretch marks with women, the truth of the matter is that men too are often affected by the condition. Stretch marks in men are often the result of diseases that makes the body overproduce the hormone corticosteroid. This hormone reduces the levels of collagen in the body making the skin liable to developing stretch marks. Men develop stretch marks during puberty, after bulking up their muscles due to weight training and due to rapid weight gain. Stretch marks in men, however, tend to be less prominent than in women.


Even though the stretch mark removal industry is riddled with all types of products, few of these are proven to really work. This is especially true when it comes to stretch mark removal creams and lotions. It’s better to stick with products that have not only have been approved by the FDA, but those that are backed by consumers who have used them and found them to be effective.

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