How to Remove Skin Tags with String

If you’ve always wanted to get rid of those unsightly skin tags on your neck but are too afraid to make that trip to the doctor’s, there’s still hope for you. Why not do it yourself just by using a piece of string? Sounds death defying for you? You’ll be surprised that this particular method of skin tag removal has been around for ages.

How do you know it’s a skin tag?

Before you go removing your skin tags from different parts of your body, first make sure that they are not warts or moles. Some skin tags, usually the smaller ones no bigger than the size of a pinhead, look like exactly like warts or moles.

Skin tags usually look soft and thin, and they have the same colour as your skin. They hang from the surface of your skin on something that’s called a stalk, which is just a thin piece of tissue. In case you want to do a quick Google search, just type acrochordon. Don’t be alarmed at the sound of its medical name, though. Skin tags are not skin cancers, and they are usually benign and harmless.

If you want to make sure that it’s just a skin tag, you can always see a doctor and have it checked. They can quickly check if it is or not just by looking at it. There will be some occasions when they may perform a biopsy on it, especially if it’s bigger than the normal size. They will just take a small piece of skin from it and have it examined in the laboratory.

Where do you usually see skin tags growing?

They are commonly found on the neck or the armpits, but you can also see them developing on the torso, under the breasts, or in the genital areas. If you touch it, it feels wiggly and loose, but not painful. However, frequent friction with skin or clothes can cause it to be irritated.

Is it safe to remove skin tags by yourself?

Back in the old days, hair from a horse’s neck was used to remove skin tags. It’s tougher and more durable, and it was believed to be sharp enough to penetrate deeply and cut off the blood supply to the skin tags. Nowadays, you don’t need to find the next available horse and snatch a hair or two. You can easily use any strong cotton thread or dental floss and achieve the same results.

If you do decide to remove a skin tag on your own, utmost care should be taken, as with any kind of self-treatment procedures. No matter how easy or quick a procedure is, if you’re not careful, you still can have the risk of infection. There will be a little throbbing pain and discomfort. Your skin will also be a little sensitive to the touch. But overall, it’s safe and very effective. It stands alongside other natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar. Skin tags will dry up and just fall off after only a few days.

What things will you need to remove skin tags safely?

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Gauze
  • Strong Thread / Dental Floss
  • Antibacterial Ointment
  • Bandage
  • Scissors

A few reminders before you start tying off those skin tags.

1. Keep everything clean, from the cotton thread or dental floss, to the skin tag that you will be removing. If you must use a sterilizing solution, isopropyl alcohol, or surgical gloves, do it. It’s better to be too clean than risk suffering an infection.

2. Brace yourself for some pain and discomfort. Depending on your threshold for pain, you may find the level of discomfort to be little or a lot. You can always put some ice on it to relieve the pain, or you can just buy any over-the-counter pain medication.

How do you remove skin tags using a string?

The first thing that you need to do is to sanitize the area around the skin tag. Clean it with some isopropyl alcohol using a cotton ball.

Next, look for the stalk. It’s the piece of skin that connects the skin tag to your skin. Wrap the string or the dental floss around it securely. Make sure that it’s tight enough so that it cuts off the blood circulation, but not too tight that it cuts the skin.

You can place a bandage or a gauze on the skin tag so that it doesn’t get irritated, or rub against your clothing too much. Check it every day to see if it’s getting smaller and not the other way around. Apply alcohol to disinfect it. After a few days, the skin tag will discolour, dry up, and just fall off naturally.

If you feel this approach is not for you, be sure to check out the list of other proven strategies in our skin tag removal at home guide.

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