BoilX Review

Quick Facts

BoilX goes straight to the infected oil gland or a hair follicle causing the boil to provide fast effective relief.

Thousands of Americans have experience the benefits of BoilX. BoilX is available to Australians online.


  • Provides relief from pain and itching.
  • Provides relief from inflammation and stinging.

How to Treat a Boil at Home with BoilX

Boils result in an unsightly skin infection that begins in oil glands or hair follicles. Regardless of what I did, I could not seem to get rid of boil infections. There are a variety of causes for this type of skin infection, ranging from immune system problems to diabetes. However, no matter how healthy I was or how balanced my diet was, they were still appearing. I saw dermatologist after dermatologist to help me figure out how to get rid of a boil with boil treatments—but to no avail. I thought that I would be stuck forever with these unpleasant infections. I just could not figure out how to eliminate these troublesome boils.

Understanding Boils

Boils are essentially a skin infection. They usually appear at the site of an oil gland or a hair follicle. At the infected site, the skin will initially turn red. After the redness appears, a tender lump will soon develop. Five to seven days later, the lump will turn white, which is the result of pus collecting under the skin. These infections most often occur on the shoulders, buttocks, armpits, neck, or face. If one occurs on the eyelid, it is then called a sty. It is important to make sure that they do not appear in a group. If this occurs, then something more serious is manifesting itself. This type of infection is referred to as a carbuncle.

What Causes Boils

There are a variety of causes of boils. Most are due to a germ known as staphylococcal bacteria. This germ enters the body through microscopic cuts or nicks in the skin. It will then travel to the hair follicle. Individuals who suffer from certain health problems are more prone to these types of skin infections. Such health issues include poor nutrition, poor hygiene, diabetes, exposure to harsh chemicals, and generally compromised immune systems.

Treating Boils

Most often if you are suffering from boils, your best bet is to let them run their course. However, there are times when it is important to seek medical attention. One time, I had a fever and noticed that my lymph nodes were swollen. I visited my doctor because the pain became so severe due to the fact that the boil hadn’t drained. The doctor had to lance it to ensure proper drainage. It was not fun. The doctor didn’t seem concerned and offered no suggestions for boil treatment, but I knew that there had to be something out there that could work. I did a lot of research and found over-the-counter boil treatments. Time after time, I was disappointed; none of them worked. There were sticky creams that smelled terrible, and there were oral treatments that made me nauseous. I truly thought I was destined to life of painful boils that I would have to cover with extreme make-up—that is, until I tried BoilX.


BoilX is a homeopathic remedy that treats boils. I figured: hey, I had tried everything else, why not try this? I am SO thankful that I did. BoilX significantly reduces the severity of my boil symptoms. And. what is great about it is that the minute I think I’m going to get a boil, I just spray this remedy under my tongue, and there is no pain. It is impossible to know when a boil can occur, that is why it is essential to have something on hand to help with the symptoms. That is why this remedy is perfect. I just keep it in my medicine cabinet, and when I feel one coming on, I use it.

Why Choose BoilX

Most boil treatments on the market cannot be used until the boil has erupted. That is what makes BoilX different. The minute I feel one coming on, I can use the spray and all the symptoms are relieved. There is no itching, stinging, pain, sensitivity, or inflammation, so I am able to move on with day-to-day activities. Not only does this spray work to treat boil symptoms, but it is also very simple to use. It is not a cream or a salve; it is a spray. This makes it very easy to use with no mess. It is comprised of all plant-based ingredients that are known to help with the symptoms associated with boils. It is made by homeopathic experts that assure not only quality, but also purity. BoilX insists upon the highest standards for all of their formulas and only uses the best ingredients available. I can rest assured knowing that not only are my boils taken care of, but also that I am using a safe remedy that is not full of unnecessary chemicals that can only cause further problems.

All-Natural Ingredients

BoilX is one of kind on the market because it is made of all-natural ingredients that are known to treat the symptoms of boils. These ingredients include anthracinum 30X, which is specifically for boils and similar skin infections. Another ingredient is Baptisia Tinctora 3x, also known as Wild Indigo. This is an ingredient that will help strengthen the body’s natural resistance to infection, and it is also used for soreness and pain. Calcarea picica 6X is what will treat the boil once it has come to a head. It helps reduce pain and fatigue. Purple cone flower is also used in this tincture. It is a tonic that used to be used to treat carbuncles, septic wounds, and blood-poisoning. It helps calm itching and burning sensations of the skin. These are just some of the all-natural ingredients found in the spray.

I may not be able to control or completely stop boils from appearing. However, I can now treat them effectively, while seeking relief. I have noticed over time that eruptions have diminished, as the spray has helped my body fight infections better. BoilX gave me my life back, I can now live fully knowing that even if a boil does appear, it will not take days to heal or bring me unbearable pain. I am so grateful for BoilX!

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