A Facial Skin Tag Removal Guide

Skin tags can generally be ignored since they pose no health problems, pain, or discomfort. However, if your skin tags are located on the most visible part of the body, which is your face, it can be a cause of embarrassment, unease, or distress. One skin tag can affect the whole appearance of your face, especially if it’s located in a prominent area, like around the nose, on the forehead, or around the eyes.

There’s an upside to having skin tags on the face, though. You can easily spot them because your face is a part of your body you check every day and care for the most. In their early stages, skin tags are very easy to treat. You can treat them while they’re still small and avoid the hassle of putting up with them while shaving or putting on makeup.

Causes of Skin Tags

Friction is the most common cause of skin tags. Skin tags that form on the neck are mostly caused by friction of the skin with clothing or jewelry. Skin tags in other areas, like the armpits or under the breasts, are caused by friction with the skin itself.

Another cause can be the use of illegal steroids. They cause collagen strands to hold, eventually forming the skin tags.

If you’re pregnant, you suffer from hormonal changes, which can also bring about the growth of skin tags. This is why people suffering from diabetes also develop skin tags on their bodies.

Easy Ways to Remove Skin Tags on your Face

Tea Tree Oil
Applying tea tree oil on your skin tags can help dry and remove them permanently. Just dip a cotton ball in water, squeeze out the excess water, and add three drops of tea tree oil to the cotton ball. Rub the cotton ball in circular motion on your skin tag. Do this procedure every day for at least 2 weeks.

Oregano Oil
Oregano oil is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can easily and quickly address problems you may have with skin tags. All you need to do is to mix three drops of oregano oil with six drops of coconut oil. Apply this mixture onto your skin tags three times a day until the skin tags dry up and fall off. Just avoid using it near the eyes.

Castor Oil
Another home remedy for skin tags which you can try is castor oil. You can mix it with some baking soda to make a smooth paste, and then apply it on the skin tag. Cover it with a bandage to secure it. Keep doing this procedure for a month and you will see the positive results.

Apple Cider Vinegar
There’s no question that apple cider vinegar has a lot of uses. One of which includes effective and painless removal of skin tags on the face. Just soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply directly on your skin tag. Do this every day for a month and you will notice your facial skin tags changing in color, drying up, and eventually falling off.

Banana Peel
Love bananas? Make sure to keep the peel, because it’s also an effective solution for skin tags. Simply cut the banana peel into small pieces and place them on the skin tag. Hold it in place with a bandage. Keep it on overnight. Do this on a daily basis until the skin tag falls off on its own.

Onion Juice
Who knew onions can help remove unsightly skin tags on the face? As it turns out, onions have acidic properties that aid in shrinking and drying skin tags. All you need to do is take a slice of onion, then soak it in water mixed with a little salt. Leave it there overnight. Use the salted onion juice and apply it on your skin tags. Leave it on as you sleep and just wash it off the next morning with water. You will start to notice that your skin tags are hardening or changing in color, and they will just fall off on their own.

Before trying any of these home remedies, make sure that you’re not allergic. Try applying them on other less visible parts of your body first. If there are no harsh reactions, then go right ahead and start using it on your face.

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